Eurovision Song Contest -

In 1993 the Vaudeville Theatre in London staged the musical comedy 'EUROVISION', written and directed by Tim Luscombe.
The first performance there was on 10 November, but the run was short and if I remember rightly, reviews were mixed.

It starred Anita Dobson (best known as Angie in Eastenders) and James Dreyfuss (now famous for roles in Gimme Gimme Gimme, The Thin Blue Line and Bette alongside Bette Midler on American TV).

Choreographie was by Richard Sampson and original songs by Jason Carr.

Andrew Lloyd-Webber presented a Kevin Wallace production.

A short history of the production in the program reads thus:
'Eurovision' was originally written for the London Gay Theatre Company ... founded by Tim Luscombe and Adam Magnani in 1991. In May 1992 'Eurovision' opened at the Drill Hall. The Evening Standard called it a "highly enjoyable comedy", whereas the Times said it was "desperately serious".

Unfortunately, there is precisely nothing on the plot and story of the play in the program, but having a look at the characters gives us an idea that it must have been pretty wild: We have Antinous, Hadrian and Silvanus, as well as Kevin and Gary, a priest, Katia Europa, Spanish Dancers, Greek backing singers, a wigmaster, Macedonia and Finland and others. (Macedonia in 1993! Well anticipated!)

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Then in 1995 there was another play, not a musical this time, called BOOM-BANG-A-BANG, written by Jonathan Harvey, who also wrote Beautiful Thing (which was later made into a rather successful film).
Although this time I have a synopsis of the story, I have no picture to illustrate it with. Until then the space reserved for
'EUROVISION - THE PLAY' remains blank.
If programs exist and you can send me scan, please don't be shy and email me.